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Network Installation Services is an IT Systems firm that provides cable system design, installation, and project management services over the spectrum of data, voice, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies, encompassing optical fiber, copper, and wireless based distribution systems.

You may enjoy the comfort of connecting to WiFi at your home and like the efficient and fast working process at your office provided by a computer network. We are here to offer you network cabling services from installation to design including both wired and wireless network installation. Home or business network installation is a way to have organized and secure system which will foster the working process. Here are the main services that we offer:

  • Network Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Ethernet Drops
  • CAT5 & CAT6 Wiring
  • Structured Cabling
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Wireless Access Point AP Installation
  • WPA WPA2 WEP Encryption
  • Wire Fishing
  • Phone Jack Installation and Repair
  • Telephone & CATV Wire Installation

Wired network installation

Wired network could work best for your office to connect many devices and make the data exchange easier. Our structured cabling technicians will install the wired network in the most professional way according to the network cabling standards. We use the most reliable structured cabling system that includes such Ethernet cables as:

  • CAT5 data cables wiring
  • CAT6 data cables wiring
  • CAT5e data cables wiring
  • CAT6e data cables wiring
  • Fiber optic cables wiring

In case you need advice we will help you to choose the type of the data cable that will fit your network system and your budget as well The structured cabling system also includes voice and data cabling that will ensure the better performance of your network. We provide a reliable cabling installation and maintenance service with the best network cabling solutions that will meet all your requirements.

Wireless network installation

Wireless network is an excellent choice if you want to be mobile and move without losing the connection. This kind of network will save you from installing many network cables in the places they don’t fit. Wireless network gives you the opportunity to control who can connect the network and therefore ensure your security. In case you opt for wireless network our best professionals will perform your router installation and provide you with high quality network.

Looking for a simple video surveillance solution FOR HOME?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my video surveillance system contain?

For stable and safe maintenance of your video surveillance system you will need:
  • Video recording device - video recorder (autonomous or computer-based)
  • Video cameras - a great range of this type of devices (depending on the project we recommend certain types of cameras)
  • Video cameras power adapter - (selected depending on a number of cameras and their technical characteristics)
  • Viewing device – a monitor, TV, etc.
  • Web connection  -  local network or Internet connection for remote viewing
  • Assembling and equipment adjustment

How do I calculate the cost of a video surveillance system?

The cost of your selected video surveillance system is calculated as follows:
  • Equipment cost – video cameras, lenses, video recorder (recording device), power adapters, wires, consumables (plugs, extension cords, bearers, etc.) and auxiliary components (infrared illumination blocks, temperature-proof housing, etc.).
  • Equipment assembling cost – assembling of video recorder and cameras, cabling, etc.
  • Service cost.
If video surveillance installation cost XXXX dollars for some of your acquaintances, it does not necessarily mean that you will spend the same amount of money for yours because your room can be different, you cable length is different, too, etc.

Can I watch videos recorded by my cameras on the Internet?

To solve this task you will have to satisfy these three requirements:
  • Buy a video recorder with a function of connecting through a local network;
  • To have a dedicated IP for an area with a video recorder (for instance, at home).
  • If other devices (PCs, laptops, etc.) will be connected to the Internet except for a video recorder, you will need to purchase and set up a router.
This type of connection will let you access your video surveillance system from any part of the world.
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