Lorex System professional installation


Lorex by Flir is one of the best camera providers on in the market. By installing a Lorex security camera outside of your house you will be able to solve a lot of security problems at once. The high quality of Lorex cameras is proved by the reviews of the users.

We offer Lorex system professional installation at your place in a way that will meet all your requirements. Lorex system professional installation includes installation of the following Lorex cameras:

  • Security Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Wireless security cameras

Lorex security cameras are perfect choice if you are looking for a way to protect your house or your business. The cameras help you to prevent different crimes and always stay in the loop of events. We offer both indoor and outdoor Lorex cameras. We can choose one of the following types of Lorex security cameras:

  • Bullet security cameras
  • Dome security cameras
  • Pan-tilt-zoom cameras
  • Thermal security cameras
  • Night vision security cameras
  • Outdoor security cameras
  • Varifocal security cameras
  • Audio security cameras

Lorex IP (internet protocol) cameras work through network which allows you to have remote control over the security condition at your home or workplace. We offer these two main types of IP cameras:

  • HD IP security cameras
  • WiFi security cameras

If you consider installing Lorex security camera outside of your house wireless cameras are the excellent choice for outdoor use; they have night vision and send signal up to 500ft away. Lorex wireless security cameras are considered to be the easiest cameras to install; they don’t need any cables and don’t require any separate expenses for installation. Wireless security cameras have the following features:

  • No video cable
  • Real-time video
  • FHSS technology
  • Signal Guard
  • Wireless range
  • Listen-in Audio
  • Weatherproof

We will organize the installation of the cameras in the most professional way possible and the security camera installation cost will be reasonably set according to your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with this home theater setup service?

  • Installing customer-supplied audio/video devices
  • Programming new home theater remote, if applicable
  • Unit testing and clean up
  • Providing use, care and cleaning instructions

Why should I hire a pro for a home theater setup?

Even jobs that look easy can go wrong in any number of ways. Handing off the home theater setup service to a professional, who has experience doing exactly what you need for your home theater setup done, will save you time and potential headaches by making sure the home theater setup service gets done right the first time.
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