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Looking for the best IT Services and Computer Repair in Los Angeles? You are on the right track!

In the search of the repairing services you are lucky to come across our service as here the best computer doctors will repair your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. Computer City Repairs maintains and repairs computers and servers in the most convenient way possible always trying to satisfy the customers.

We offer you professional computer repair services that include:

In order to support our customers online we also provide online computer repair services. Our PC Repair Experts will help your computer system function in the best way possible through regular maintenance or installation of software updates.

As the best IT Services in Los Angeles we offer wide range of managed IT Services:

No doubt after getting acquainted with the benefits of the managed services you will contact us to save your valuable time and money. Here are the reasons to choose our managed services:

  • Manage costs
  • Server Monitoring
  • An established monthly rate for all IT services (and no surprise fees)
  • 24/7 management and oversight of your critical systems by IT experts
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve network visibility
  • Increase network performance

Computer Repair Services is the main branch of the services that we provide which includes the following:

We do use the best and most efficient techniques to solve your PC issues in the most reasonable terms. You can trust us your computer repair and get the excellent result which will surpass your expectations. Our reliable and talented technicians will repair all computers, don’t hesitate to trust us your PC as we always know what to do to solve your problems.

Looking for a simple video surveillance solution FOR HOME?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my video surveillance system contain?

For stable and safe maintenance of your video surveillance system you will need:
  • Video recording device - video recorder (autonomous or computer-based)
  • Video cameras - a great range of this type of devices (depending on the project we recommend certain types of cameras)
  • Video cameras power adapter - (selected depending on a number of cameras and their technical characteristics)
  • Viewing device – a monitor, TV, etc.
  • Web connection  -  local network or Internet connection for remote viewing
  • Assembling and equipment adjustment

How do I calculate the cost of a video surveillance system?

The cost of your selected video surveillance system is calculated as follows:
  • Equipment cost – video cameras, lenses, video recorder (recording device), power adapters, wires, consumables (plugs, extension cords, bearers, etc.) and auxiliary components (infrared illumination blocks, temperature-proof housing, etc.).
  • Equipment assembling cost – assembling of video recorder and cameras, cabling, etc.
  • Service cost.
If video surveillance installation cost XXXX dollars for some of your acquaintances, it does not necessarily mean that you will spend the same amount of money for yours because your room can be different, you cable length is different, too, etc.

Can I watch videos recorded by my cameras on the Internet?

To solve this task you will have to satisfy these three requirements:
  • Buy a video recorder with a function of connecting through a local network;
  • To have a dedicated IP for an area with a video recorder (for instance, at home).
  • If other devices (PCs, laptops, etc.) will be connected to the Internet except for a video recorder, you will need to purchase and set up a router.
This type of connection will let you access your video surveillance system from any part of the world.
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