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The current business environment can bring you certain challenges, but you should remember that communication is one of your keys to a better and effective business, so commercial telephone systems are absolutely preferable for your success and a phone line installation will be a right solution. You can take a deep breath and forget about numerous obstacles and hardships your company might face, if you choose Business Phone System Service including installation provided by OneShotProtection.

Telephone Systems Installation

Whether you need to install or remove a telephone system for your office or business, OneShotProtection is always there to make your ideas and needs come true. Our technical personnel and each phone installer will do the whole scope of works accessing your infrastructure and calculating the total cost of works and equipment. Office phone system installation is a must for even small businesses, so we will find the most cost-efficient way to conduct phone system installation for small business. Our company is dedicated to provide only high-quality and customer-oriented services.

Our range of services includes Los Angeles Business Phone System Sales & Installation, which is performed by our qualified technicians, professional phone system installers and contains the following:

  • Small Business Phone Systems. Even if your company includes only a dozen employees, you still need effectively promote your services and stay tuned to your customers. So, business phone line installation can be considered a must.
  • Switch Board Systems. Such systems are often needed in offices.
  • VOIP Phone Systems. This kind of system, business VOIP, needs only professional installation, and our technical experts and phone installers will effectively conduct the phone system installation.
  • Replacement Phone Systems.

Search no further than OneShotProtection company for cabling installation and phone system management. We offer affordable prices and great technical support for our customers. Say ‘Yes’ to our phone solutions for small business, including small office phone systems, VOIP phone solutions and any other business phone service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my video surveillance system contain?

For stable and safe maintenance of your video surveillance system you will need:
  • Video recording device - video recorder (autonomous or computer-based)
  • Video cameras - a great range of this type of devices (depending on the project we recommend certain types of cameras)
  • Video cameras power adapter - (selected depending on a number of cameras and their technical characteristics)
  • Viewing device – a monitor, TV, etc.
  • Web connection  -  local network or Internet connection for remote viewing
  • Assembling and equipment adjustment

How do I calculate the cost of a video surveillance system?

The cost of your selected video surveillance system is calculated as follows:
  • Equipment cost – video cameras, lenses, video recorder (recording device), power adapters, wires, consumables (plugs, extension cords, bearers, etc.) and auxiliary components (infrared illumination blocks, temperature-proof housing, etc.).
  • Equipment assembling cost – assembling of video recorder and cameras, cabling, etc.
  • Service cost.
If video surveillance installation cost XXXX dollars for some of your acquaintances, it does not necessarily mean that you will spend the same amount of money for yours because your room can be different, you cable length is different, too, etc.

Can I watch videos recorded by my cameras on the Internet?

To solve this task you will have to satisfy these three requirements:
  • Buy a video recorder with a function of connecting through a local network;
  • To have a dedicated IP for an area with a video recorder (for instance, at home).
  • If other devices (PCs, laptops, etc.) will be connected to the Internet except for a video recorder, you will need to purchase and set up a router.
This type of connection will let you access your video surveillance system from any part of the world.
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